Holy '57 Remembers His Heritage With Canary Video

Holy ’57 Remembers His Heritage With “Canary” Video

Alex Mankoo is the London-based songwriter-producer behind Holy ’57, where he fuses his Indian and Greek heritage with a cinematic approach to his experimental pop. With this experimental approach, Mankoo’s new album, “L“, features jazz sections adorned with field recordings of his family and friends as Mankoo explores memory and heritage.

On single Canary, rollicking percussion is met with the flicker of jaunty guitars and a gentle breeze of brass. TO accompany the single is an Owlinspace directed video with Mankoo building a memory fort from photos and more from his grandparents. Speaking on the video, Mankoo says:

Canary is a song about making sacrifices for someone you care about. So the video is a remembrance of the sacrifices my grandparents made for our family in coming to the UK from India. The tent in the video is kind of a ‘memory fort’ we made out of my grandmother’s old saris, which we filled with objects and photos that related to her life, and I’m in this tent trying to connect to these memories. I like how the video has a dreamy feel that shifts between that sort of imaginary place and a more ‘real’ place where we remember people (the graveyard).

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