Danger Incorporated Ask Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys

Danger Incorporated Ask “Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys?”

Atlanta duo Danger Incorporated (Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord) make the kind of music that you thirst for but seldom find. Their debut album Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys? is just that kind of rare gem that truly makes you feel excited. Featuring codeine infused dark trap and lyrics inspired by the Goosebumps books and the crude world of the internet, the duo has built an intriguing aesthetic that is unlike anything else. When the flashbacks to grade school cease, grab some sprite and enter the graveyard.

Having had Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys? on repeat since its release, we reached out to Danger Incorporated and asked them a few things about the project and their favourite kids’ book. Read it below and watch their video for Diamonds featuring Borf.

How’d you two meet and come about creating Danger Incorporated?

We went through it all together, the discoveries, the functions.
Everything was instant, we knew exactly what to do.
We had the same thing in our head.
One day we were watching a goosebumps episode, lost, and it hit us.
Danger is us.
Danger Incorporated.

What was the inspiration behind the album?

The late nights, the functions, the heat, the growth, what we went through.
How we discovered that danger was there the whole time.

What’s the story behind the cloaked figure?

He is danger.
He protects, but do not anger him.
He has no mercy.

How does one become a Danger Boy?

You’ve got to go into the graveyard.
You’ve got to put the floppy disk in.
Step into the universe you’ve always wanted to live, but were afraid to enter.

Having read all the original Goosebumps myself, which is your favourite? Thoughts on the film if you saw it?

Goosebumps, gods, We would not be who we are without goosebumps.
It literally SAVED us.
Even though booth lord isn’t here, I can definitely speak on his behalf saying that both of our favorites episode is “Welcome to Camp Nightmare”
We still live this episode every single day.

FUCK the new goosebumps movie. I will not see it.
My heart lies with the original episodes alone.

What’s next for DI?

Feb. 19 Danger is going to be in Heaven at the Masquerade with Larry League, Pollary, Lil Boat.
We got a short set with Yung Ghoul, but will definitely be vibing all night.

We are ready to step into the next graveyard. We are already here.
Borf is taking us to float as we speak.