Jedidiah Drops Steamy Debut Single & Video For Crowd

Jedidiah Drops Steamy Debut Single & Video For “Crowd”

After spending a few years working behind the scenes in publishing and the sync licensing world, Jedidiah finally set out to pursue his own creative efforts. Crowd is his debut single which initially began as a folk track but was flipped with his producer, Fjordskii, and became what we have here.

Crowd throbs like an inextinguishable shudder of breath and slips into the narrow cracks of entwined loins. Sharp notes slice the humid contemporary R&B/alt-pop space as provocative vocals tease and pull against a ripple of delirious convulsions.

“I’d never even sung in falsetto before, but everything just came together really naturally,” explains Jedidiah. “The whole subject of the song is spontaneity, and that’s exactly how this single came about. Sometimes you work away on a track for weeks or months, but this entire cut was completed, start to finish, in about seven hours. ‘ Crowd ’ is the result of what happens when you just let go and let things happen freely, and I hope you can hear the passion behind that.”

Accompanying the sensual debut is a steamy Ezra Cohen directed video. Speaking on the video, Jedidiah says:

“I loved making this video. Our director, Ezra Cohen, did a great job of capturing the energy that comes with being spontaneous and feeling the moment… and there are a lot of moments in this video that felt organic on set. The shapes and colors were thoughts I’d had in my brain for a while, and I was so happy that we were able to bring them to life. It’s also worth noting that feeling hands all over your body starts to feel really normal after the first three seconds.”

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