KOHL Shares Video For Better The Devil That You Know

KOHL Shares Video For “Better The Devil That You Know”

Zoe Stirling is the Nottingham-based artist whose previous work was of the acoustic nature, but now as KOHL, she’s branched into a minimal electro-pop sound with her debut EP, Eclipse. Joining the EP is a black and white video for standout single, Better The Devil That You Know.

Between shots of Stirling is two contemporary dancers pushing and pulling amongst each other, entwined with hesitation under the deafening gaze of a languid light. With heavy tears and weary eyes, Stirling sings of a toxic love and self-inflicted agony that wears a crown of rabid thorns. Her fragile vocals slice through the minimal and brooding soundscape like a paralytic tomahawk as she succumbs to the torturous embrace of guilt and sharp fear.

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