LunchBox President Teases LP With Actually, I Ended Up

LunchBox President Teases LP With “Actually, I Ended Up”

Joshua Greene is the Delaware-based musician and video and performance artist behind LunchBox President. Following a compilation of acoustic songs in 2014, Greene has been preparing the release of this Fall’s debut album (A Warming Buzz?) along with several shows on the East coast. Actually, I Ended Up is the first single from the album and comes with a self-directed video.

In this absurd VHS-played video, we follow Greene’s transposed face on a lifeless body get dragged by a mysterious man as he agonizes in his solitude. Feeling bad for feeling bad. Looking at yearnful photos. Writhing in anger yet trying desperately to get better, like invisible claws that grip your spleen. Some days you want to get better. You feel like it’ll matter. Like things will change and improve. Other days, not so much as the abyss leers at you. “Actually, I ended up,” he yells with caustic energy and the churn of gritty guitars, and a quiver of hysteria.

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