Closely Debuts First Single, "Emtpy"

Closely Debuts First Single, “Empty”

Thanks to Kijiji, Closely is a new electronic trio from Toronto that have just released their first single together titled Empty.

When Michael Cranston was writing slow, dreamy pop, he put an ad on Kijiji looking for a female singer. After some time and zero responses, he received one from Joel Keitner, a male guitarist. Cranston decided to have a few practice sessions with Keitner and after some experimenting along with drummer Spenser Bell, Empty was created along with the birth of Closely. Featuring shimmering guitars and Cranston’s soothing falsetto, inspiration was drawn from a friend that was trapped in a perpetual on/off relationship with a shitty dude. To go along with their first single is a short video starring Allie Laliberte that you can also view below.