Niomi Shares Beautiful & Haunting Debut Sugar

Niomi Shares Beautiful & Haunting Debut “Sugar”

After grieving the dissolution of a relationship that once flourished like a living torch, we awaken on the edge of the void and realize that the other person fucked up – and fuck them. Sugar is Niomi’s debut single about reclaiming power after the inevitable breakdown and serves as a bitter reminder to an ex-lover that they lost something special.

With her background as a pianist, Niomi combines solemn keys with a minimal backdrop of distorted samples, languid and desolate. Her voice is devastating and powerful, all in a hushed breath that scrapes the gaping hole that she climbed out of, gripping, clutching, and seizing the corrupt mouth with bruised wrists. This is hauntingly beautiful.

Accompanying the single is a Jesse May Fisher video featuring Niomi coming back to life with the aid of a friend.

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