Memorecks Debuts The Over/Under Video

It’s always a treat when Toronto beat master Memorecks releases new material. Today he released a dope live set of new tracks, filmed in various spots called Over/Under. Watch as he produces some soul infused hip hop and atmospheric songs with some cool shots of Toronto behind him. Here’s what Memorecks had to say about it:

“Over/Under was filmed in the east end, at Underpass Park. It’s this old spot under Eastern Ave that was re-purposed into a community space. There’s a ramp up to the elevated part of the street with a great view of the city looking west. I basically just carried my laptop and controller around in my backpack and we can film wherever we want. These sets are performed live using samples in Ableton Live with a Maschine MK2 controller.”

And if you haven’t caught one of his live shows, be absolutely sure you hit up the next one. Vibing out to live beats sets an entirely different mood over the crowd and Memorecks always impresses. You might even catch him doing it in a fleece bucket hat and dressing gown.