Ross Henry Shares An Erratic Captivating Video For "Flux"

Ross Henry Shares An Erratic Captivating Video For “Flux”

Ross Henry is a Sydney-based producer/artist who crafts warm and experimental electronic music out of the cracks in the floorboards while giving each piece its own sonic fingerprint. His latest masterpiece is a gorgeous self-directed video that combines visual art, the safe space that is Earth, and his new single Flux.

Inspired by the planets ability to fluctuate between a series of states over time, the video captures the volatile relationship we have with the ground we walk on and the air we breathe. From a ball of gas to monstrous creatures to a frozen wasteland to this world of beauty and awe that we now experience, the world is in perpetual flux. Simultaneously favouring us and condemning us. Covered in vivid powders and metallic liquids, shots of Henry shift with shots of nature with an erratic fervor. Close and near, light and dark, dull and lustrous. A calm chaos.

Henry further explained his motivation behind the video:

“’Flux’ is about transience, movement and how a shift in dynamics can foster or erode a safe space. Through physical experimentation, I looked to explore scale, texture and time to convey the idea of vast global transitions. Similar to recent single “The Deep”, the video for Flux utilises the same fundamental techniques I use to produce electronic music.”

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