Lo Talker Shares New Single & Video For Automatic Love

Lo Talker Shares New Single & Video For “Automatic Love”

Lo Talker is a new indie-rock band led by Andrew Shepard formerly of Roadkill Ghost Choir. He’s joined his brother Zach (bass), who also played in Roadkill Ghost Choir, as well as Alec Stanley (guitar/keyboard), Rhett Fuller (guitar), and Jeremiah Johnson (drums). Following their debut single ‘No Champagne’, the Athens, Georgia-based outfit shares Automatic Love. Upbeat with notes of swirling psychedelia, Lo Talker tells a story of co-dependence and losing sight of who you are with Shepard offering:

“’Automatic Love’ is a demented love song from the perspective of someone who has some serious dependency issues. (Hopefully it’s not about me…). It’s about erasing your own identity to reflect someone else’s. Trying to find comfort in someone so not to deal with the uncomfortable things within our spongy, little brains.”

Joining the single is an Alec Stanley directed video with Shepard in full sad clown makeup and an equally sad performance. Watch and listen here.

Lo Talker’s debut album ‘Comedy of Errors’ is due out in Spring 20201 through Arts & Crafts.