Saint Mesa Embarks On Spiritual Journey In Jungle Video

Saint Mesa Embarks On Spiritual Journey In “Jungle” Video

Saint Mesa is the new project by 21-year-old self-taught musician Danny McCook, who has been making waves with licensing through brands like H&M and Electronic Arts, and landing himself on select independent music charts, while his EP, Jungle, accumulated over one million streams through Spotify. For all this to happen, though, a now healthy McCook had to suffer through a rare disease along with all the hospital visits that it would incur. It was this experience, however, that would build the foundation for his Saint Mesa vision.

Now, the rising artist is joined by his younger brother, Isaac McCook, for a video that follows Danny through a spiritual journey. With its triumphant pop-inflected hook, backing choir, and enchanting aura that soars with anthemic fervor, McCook indulges in a mysterious beverage, no questions asked, and finds himself in a surreal world surrounded by strange characters.

Watch Jungle below and visit McCook’s Spotify to hear the EP in its entirety.