Sheenah Ko Looks Inwards With Endearing See You Video

Sheenah Ko Looks Inwards With Endearing “See You” Video

Ahead of this months album release, Sheenah Ko (of Besnard Lakes and touring keyboardist for Bedouin Soundclash) has shared the second single and accompanying video for See YouHere, Ko rediscovers her inner child before life and adult expectations strike with relentless despair.

“When I wrote See You, I was just coming to the realization that this is a huge step in growing up, or else, you could become way too disconnected with yourself,” said Ko. “It’s an incredible feeling when you can see and live life the way you did as a child, knowing this is who you really are with that pure, honest energy and curiosity”

See You is joined by a charming video by her friend Brittney Canda featuring Canda’s father. Canda explained the video in great detail saying:

“This music video was shot for fun, on a tiny borrowed camera, while my boyfriend, Vincent René-Lortie, and I were visiting my parents in Alberta for the holidays. My father and his friends were avid freestyle skiers in their younger years. I’ve wanted to find a home for the super 8 footage of my Dad and his buddies ripping up the ski-hill in the 1970s for quite some time. A DIY music video for my best friend and collaborator, Sheenah Ko, seemed like a great place for the simultaneously sentimental and badass material. My dad has done some set building and sculpture work for us, so he’s basically part of the band. From what I know of my Dad in the 70’s, he was profoundly, comically, and effortlessly cool. Throughout my life, my Dad has been an incredibly calm, gentle, and quiet man. He loves working with his hands and tinkering in solitude. In this video, we catch a glimpse into his daydreams. This project is what I imagine goes through his head when he disappears into the garage for several hours, and later emerges with something awesome he’s made (like the mirrored skis he sports in the video). ‘See You’ tells the story of my father remembering, reliving, and redefining his freestyle skiing glory days.”

Sheenah Ko’s ‘Nowhere In Time’ album is due out March 27.