Us & Sparkles Go Backwards In I'll Take That Richter Video

Us & Sparkles Go Backwards In “I’ll Take That Richter” Video

The smallest event which we have no control over is capable of destabilizing and destroying a relationship. The only certainty to be had is that we are utterly alone and life is a relentless and cruel stream of change and chance. Everything will ultimately crumble and slip through your fingers.

Swiss electronic duo Us & Sparkles (Roland Vollenweider and Philipp Cron) explore this theme on their first single of the year titled I’ll Take That Richter. The hum of ambient synths is married with gentle percussion and minimal notes like eternal moments that saturate the air. It’s blissful and fills your anxious heart with the tender echoes of the ashen beauty that once was.

Joining the single is a Dylan Moore directed video inspired by a quote from German artist, Gerhard Richter – “chance determines our lives in important ways.” Edited in reverse, the video begins with the end of two lovers and goes on to guide us through empty streets, lonely parties, and despair, culminating with hope and adoration

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