VedeTT Shares Icy Video For Melancholic "Get Off The Road"

VedeTT Shares Icy Video For Melancholic “Get Off The Road”

Florent Vincelot is the main man behind the Angers, France-based band VedeTT. Last month saw the release of their new EP, “Losing All“, which opens with Get Off The Road. A shimmer of cerulean guitars and the slow stutter step of drums lend way to Vincelot’s cold vocals weighed with nameless phantoms in this new-wave single. With a leaden dose of melancholy, there’s a languid desperation with broken teeth from lies, regret, and disappointment, needled with icy screams.

Joining the single is a new video featuring Vincelot shot dead on. It’s simple but that same painful desperation folds and stretches on his face and in his eyes as he tries to convince himself that everything is ok. It’s not. Getting off the road won’t help.

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