Listen To Abraham Tilbury Dreamy Experimental California

Abraham Tilbury Shares Dreamy Experimental “California”

California is the latest single from Melbourne artist Abraham Tilbury and one that flashes with colours of brilliance.

Written after moving and being around less live instruments, Tilbury explored excessive production and sampling techniques that would elevate the bare California. The end result is a fascinating track that features a sparse sonic realm with fractured notes and vocal samples spliced between a steady drum, and Tilbury’s breathy vocals that yearn for the warm air of change from within. So reach for the Grand Bend sky and tighten your grip with skinny fists or suffocate on the bee sting with green eyes.

While experimental in nature, Tilbury never diverts into obnoxious territory. Instead, a lush scene of dreamy electronica flickers with distorted elements that rise and fall and fade in and out, like a gentle surge of self reflection awash with memories that have led you to where you are and who you are. And where do you go next?