Catalina Will Wash Away Your Troubles With Alvarado

Catalina Will Wash Away Your Troubles With “Alvarado”

The chase for being fulfilled with our lives and general happiness is a long and cruel endeavour. One that many, if any, attain. Jakob Shaw and Eric Poretsky of Catalina explore the restlessness of this chase with their sophomore single, Alvarado.

Gentle vocals drift with the sweet-scented breeze of the ocean while the sunset-coloured soundscape thuds with soft drums and a baseline that grooves like the slopes of a tide. It’s dreamy and calming, unlike the perpetual chase and the anxieties that consume as we clutch, grasp, and seize for something that will never reach our palms or our hearts. So leave your troubles on deafening sidewalks and fade into Alvarado’s comforting beauty.

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