Jaleel Lays It All Bare With The Heartfelt Sorry

Jaleel Lays It All Bare With The Heartfelt “Sorry”

On his third single, Jaleel does another 360 with Sorry and goes back into sombre territory as he reflects on the focus he’s placed on his dreams as friendships slip into the ether. “Tell me what was I supposed to do/ When all my dreams were never made for you?/ So instead I stuck to my path/ It was so clear that we would never last/ But maybe I was wrong,” sings Jaleel over a minimal beat with graceful little thuds and pops of colour, and the pluck of a guitar with a biting tenderness. As he comes to terms with the guilt and regret that gnaws at him with cruel talons, Sorry gradually builds with a distant sax that kicks the song into heartfelt harmonies that howl for your forgiveness.

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