Jaleel Releases His Beautiful Ambient-Pop Debut Stars

Jaleel Releases His Beautiful Ambient-Pop Debut “Stars”

Inspired by the overwhelming feeling of running away through whichever means suits you best, Stars is the debut single by Wigan, UK-based singer/songwriter/ and self-taught producer Jaleel (Jordan Jalil Hossaini-Madani).

We’ve all – or atleast some of us – have thought about escaping to a new life. Maybe Montreal. Maybe Vancouver. Maybe Lisbon or Barcelona. Anywhere but here. Away from names. Away from places and faces. Away from sleepless nights where memories seep in like a slow venom that waits idly all day while you suffocate on the dead and eternal cold. Or you go the easy route and succumb to self-destruction. Written during a difficult period, Jaleel captures this feeling with vulnerable vocals and light instrumentation with distant guitars that swell like they’re carrying you to a galaxy where you can start anew. A year after writing the single, Jaleel gained some clarity and self-assurance and was able to finally record the song. And it is absolutely beautiful.

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