In Numbers Is Jaleel's Funky Triumphant Roar

“In Numbers” Is Jaleel’s Funky Triumphant Roar

Back in March, newcomer Jaleel released his beautiful debut, Stars, and now the young artist returns with something wholly different. Where Stars was tender and contemplative, In Numbers is a funky alternative-R&B cut with triumphant zeal. Reverbed vocals dance alongside bouquets of sultry howls and luminous harmonies while a candelabra of textures wriggle, shimmer, and flux with a groovy confidence. Midway through, the single veers into a short but wondrous ballad before embarking on a final roar.

After years of disappointment searching and wishing for the right producer to realise his vision, Jaleel made the decision to stop wishing and began acquiring the skills needed to bring the sounds in his head to sonic life. In Numbers is a testament to achievement on a personal level, while touching on the determination to keep on pushing through the loneliness that comes with dedicating life to a dream.

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