Lyves Returns With "Darkest Hour"

Lyves Returns With “Darkest Hour”

After a year long hiatus and leaving London for Italy about five months ago, Lyves returns with the powerful Darkest Hour. With time spent away from family and friends, Lyves was able to focus on her music and to reflect inwards. As she explained, “I’ve learnt that in truly revealing ourselves we connect and I feel happiest when I’m connected.” The first single off her forthcoming EP, Darkest Hour is a gorgeous and dark atmospheric song with delicate percussion notes and haunting cinematic synths. Weaving through the dark minimal beat, Lyves rich but tender vocals are captivating as she proclaims devotion in a complicated situation.

Lyves forthcoming untitled EP is now on our most highly anticipated list, and it should be on yours too. Until then, revisit her past work on her soundcloud here.