Watch: Tafari Anthony Shares "You See Through Me"

Watch: Tafari Anthony Shares “You See Through Me”

Heartbreak sucks, but the music it inspires is breathtaking. Toronto’s Tafari Anthony broadcasts the beauty that exists alongside pain in You See Through Me, the single off his latest EP Die For You. The singer-songwriter moves beyond storytelling to focus on the essence of universal human experience.

With gorgeous visuals that focus on his introspection and loneliness, we witness the inner battle Tafari faces, but the pain he sings of isn’t limited to love: “Though the song focuses more on pining after someone who doesn’t see what you have to offer, depending on the day, the song ends up relating to various situations I find myself in. Whether that be not being heard in a specific relationship, or even in terms of how the industry can feel at times, It’s a constant battle of putting yourself out there and hoping your efforts aren’t in vain,”  he told Groundsounds.

You See Through Me is the perfect introduction to Tafari’s own brand of R&B and soul infusion. Die For You is an auditory experience on love, strength, and growth, available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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