Nerve Leak Confesses With "DR34M5"

Nerve Leak Confesses With “DR34M5”

A year since his Disconnected EP release, Nerve Leak (Sam Friedman) returns with the somber and self reflective DR34M5. Where Disconnected had some dance elements, DR34M5 finds Friedman delving deeper into his self worth with sparse production that puts emphasis on how lonely and conflicted he really feels. His falsetto cuts through the dark atmosphere with honest lyrics, “I don’t want to love you – I can’t handle the stress. I just want to fuck you, and fuck the rest,” he sings,”… I’m sorry to be shallow – it’s not your worth. I’m stuck in my own web, crawling through the hurt.” With a new EP in the works, you can expect the honest lyrics of DR34M5 to continue within a dark sonic chamber of experimental sounds and his airy vocals.