Watch: L-SPEX - S A D D I V A

Watch: L-SPEX – S A D D I V A

You don’t often see rapper/producers transitioning into singer-songwriters, but L-SPEX is confident enough in their abilities to do just that.

Directed by Lee Skinner, the duo shot the video for S A D D I V A in an old laundromat as we witness a goofier side of the Hamilton based artist. The single is slow, minimal and has a light haze; essentially how you feel when you enter one of these establishments. In an email, L-SPEX gave us some insight into the song, explaining:

SA D D I V A is a portrait of the better life. Away from the nuisance of the streets, not a life of lavish but stable and established. It stems from my insecurities and inability to fulfill the “provider” role that’s expected of males. S A D D I V A is defying that, has no need for genders. I wrote the track with fairly loose pronouns and I always like to give women the more dominant role in my writing; it’s an expression of my own femininity as sometimes, I am different characters in real life as well as in song. It’s also a play on “sativa”, a strain of plant that helped fuel the album itself.”

 If you can’t get enough of this, and we sure can’t, you can get a free download of L-SPEX’s new EP right here.

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