Canyon City Reconnects With The Folky Warmth Of "Find You"

Canyon City Reconnects With The Folky Warmth Of “Find You”

On October 6, the DIY project of Canyon City from Nashville’s Paul Johnson will see the release of his sophomore album, Constellations. Recorded in isolation in his home studio, it’s an intimate reflection strewn with stories about love, struggle, and personal journeys. Find You is the second single from the album and features minimal production that flutters on the hymnal wings of reverie. Mixing his indie-folk roots with pop hooks, Johnson’s finger picked strums are lined with the fragile tendrils of moonlight that slips through the cracks of a single room. Between his hushed crooning voice and a number of acoustic guitars is a ripple of the airy waves of memories.

Speaking on the single, Johnson says:

“‘Find You’ is all about the journey of reconnecting with what and who matters. I think it’s human nature to let time kind of be a drifting current, and this song came from a place of wanting to wake back up, be intentional and in-the-moment. Production-wise, ‘Find You’ is like my version of musical comfort food, the melody sneaking in and out of acoustic lines echoes nights when I was a kid and could hear James Taylor being played in the room next door, which always gives me kind of a sense of distant familiarity. I guess in a way that’s what this song is about for me – re-discovering the old while on the path forward.”

Listen to Canyon City’s Find You right here.

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