Morning Bear Returns With The Orchestral Beauty You're Right

Morning Bear Returns With The Orchestral Beauty “You’re Right”

Morning Bear is the folk-orchestral project of Denver-based singer/songwriter John Runnels that finds the emerging artist channeling emotions through vivid imagery and intricate melodies. Through these picturesque provocations, Runnels’ touches on youth, mortality, dreams, doubts, and love. Morning Bear’s latest, and first in two years, is You’re Right – a cinematic, heartrending piece about stubbornness in the face of failure and accepting when you’re wrong. A steady guitar strum breezes along with Runnels’ tender voice as the emphatic swell of his band roars, but only for a second until it drops back to him and his guitar, married with the weeping howl of a violin. This is the calm and the maddening. Beauty and chaos. The equations are zero and the choices are premature flashes in an indifferent universe. It will dissipate and dissolve. You are nothing. You will be forgotten

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