Jimmy Gaughan Laments About Fear In Intimate Debut Single

Jimmy Gaughan Laments About “Fear” In Intimate Debut Single

Fear. It seethes through our bones and bubbles under our skin like the bloated belly of a toad. It permeates the air with its hot flesh and paralyzes with uncontrollable laughter. And it’s the debut single from Jimmy Gaughan (with help from Cecilia Ebba and Joe Watt) and an intimate introduction to this newcomer that features his raw, piercing vocals. The London-based artist reflects on the poison of fear as he struggles with what lies ahead in the future, fear of becoming a failure, and fear of not living up to expectations. While he laments its lock-jawed iron grip, a steady swell of ambient textures engulfs his guitar like a moment of devastating fear that grins at us with sulphuric eyes and swallows us whole.

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