Lasse Matthiessen Releases New EP Ft. When We Collided

Lasse Matthiessen Releases New EP Ft. “When We Collided”

Originally from Copenhagen, Berlin-based Lasse Matthiessen writes music to share stories. His brand new EP, “When We Collided”, released last Friday, was recorded in an old bunker in the Kreuzberg area because he didn’t want to be limited by the technical restrictions of a ‘cool’ studio, and felt that this venue suited his expressive and raw sound perfectly. From this bittersweet collection of songs is the lead single and title track featuring Sara Hartman’s mesmerizing harmonies.

Inspired by the nocturnal pulse of a Parisian summer, When We Collided is a tender reflection of mystery and allure with finger-strummed guitars and a slow burn of rich instruments. Matthiessen’s sonorous voice fills the cracks between two silhouettes sharing secrets on the lonely velvet couch during a cool, wistful night. With Hartman’s help, the harmonies elevate the single with an emotional strewn of loves echo and the fleeting light.

The rest of “When We Collided” is available through Soundcloud and Spotify.

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