Listen To Those Haunting "Voices" With Cecilia Ebba

Listen To Those Haunting “Voices” With Cecilia Ebba

One of my favourite new artists of this year returns with something a little more stripped back and intimate. Voices is Cecilia Ebba’s third single and follows the azure beauty that was “Breathe Out Breathe In”.

Self-produced, Voices is acoustic driven with background vocals that flicker like sharp-jawed demons with hypnotic, piercing eyes. These old, familiar demons are loud and fill the emptiness and loneliness with words and faces, long gone with pages that were torn and seared. Atmospheric notes from these haunting pages scribbled with the ink from whispering demons and ethereal harmonies lull, roll, and flutter beneath Ebba’s beautiful, breathy vocals like a light dream. Take a peak and take a listen, but keep the door half closed.

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