Luke De-Sciscio Releases The Beautiful Anywhere

Luke De-Sciscio Releases The Beautiful “Anywhere”

Being on a Jeff Buckley kick as of late, Luke De-Sciscio’s Anywhere struck me as a folkier version of Buckley, specifically ‘Lilac Wine’, and I was hooked.

Oh – how you slip into the ether
as if you never had been
and the breath we breathe
between you and I
could bring you to me
but I can’t take you anywhere – oh

Anywhere is a haunting yet simple melody that contains only De-Sciscio’s gentle guitar plucks and that striking rapturous falsetto of his backed up by ethereal dual vocals at key moments. His high notes will pierce your heart, or what’s left of it after listening to this on repeat, while he sings of what once was and how easily they can vanish; whether it is a love, the truth, or regret. Listen to the beautiful Anywhere below and revisit De-Sciscio’s most recent project, Gossamer Rose.