Marlene Oak Yearns In The Arresting Come Home

Marlene Oak Yearns In The Arresting “Come Home”

Ahead of Marlene Oak’s forthcoming EP, the Stockholm-based singer-songwriter – who got her start busking – just released her latest single titled Come Home.

With raw, vulnerable vocals that grip and seize you, Oak yearns for that one soul. A lifetime of waiting for them to enter your life and when they do, they manipulate time as they glide with ruthless opulence. Never have you been so awake. Oak continues to soar as brass enters the vintage soundscape and settles back into dreams.

On the flip side, Come Home is also about loving someone more than life.

“When you love someone that intensely – it can also cause you a lot of damage. Cause suddenly, you’ve got a lot to lose and the worst part is to feel unloved and get rejected. But I believe things always end up the way they’re supposed to. Love is patient.”