Molly O'Malley Shares New EP Ft. The Raw Bedroom Lens

Molly O’Malley Shares New EP Ft. The Raw “Bedroom Lens”

When Molly O’Malley isn’t playing in the Louisville-based alt-pop project, Æves, or hardcore outfit, Time2Shine, she’s writing and recording for her solo project. “Cheers” is her new EP and self-described as “sappy sad shit” (my favourite). Through these five songs, O’Malley dishes her most personal feelings and secrets from the fearsome belly of her inner demons. 

One such song is Bedrooms Lens featuring the tender strum of guitar that echoes between the cracks of walls. They mix with the scent that lives there, dancing and ruminating, teary-eyed with uncontrollable laughter like a dreadnought breaking through the maw. Here lie the insurmountable sums of anguish that web the cracks, crease the sheets, and keep the pot cold.

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