Sneaky Bones Focus On The Here & Now With Inbetween

Sneaky Bones Focus On The Here & Now With “Inbetween”

Matthew Bean is the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and all-around giant behind Sneaky Bones. Earlier this month, he released his sophomore album, High as the Stars, with the help of a rotating cast of collaborators. Through these 11 tracks, the Seattle-based artist slides through different genres, explaining, “I like writing in different styles because I’m not moved by any specific style – I’m moved by music that makes my skin tingle. Doesn’t matter what package it comes in; music that just takes you over and for a moment there is nothing else. It’s so visceral. That’s what I try and replicate and what inspires me to take on new writing challenges.”

One of these singles is Inbetween – a warm folksy piece with slicing guitar riffs alongside tambourines and distant piano keys. Meanwhile, Bean, with his genuine voice, pleads for listeners to indulge and bask in the phantasmal flux of the now, the here, the inbetween moments. Between visions and dreams. Between streetlights and belfries. Between inspiring skies and devouring oceans. Drop everything except the now.

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