Runabay Release Sweeping And Autumnal Too Soon (Reverie)

Runabay Release Sweeping And Autumnal “Too Soon (Reverie)”

Originally from a couple of small rural villages in the Glens of Antrim and Belfast, runabay fuses the rolling lush coastlines of their home with swooping folk melodies. Their latest is Too Soon (Reverie), an enchanting single featuring warm guitar riffs, a haunting cello like quiet pandemonium behind tired eyes, and Autumnal harmonies about missed opportunities from our doubts. “The ‘it’s too soon, so I’ll wait’ line is an internal struggle many of us feel, as we wait to find the ‘perfect’ time to decide on things,” explains frontman John McManus. “Knowing full well that perfect timing doesn’t necessarily exist. It’s an introspective song about the implications of indecision.”

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