Vern Matz Gets Nostalgic With The Autumnal Shelby Park

Vern Matz Gets Nostalgic With The Autumnal “Shelby Park”

Ahead of Vern Matz’ forthcoming debut EP, the Yale student band has released the second single titled, Shelby Park. The trio reflects on their lives and the future with warm folksy guitars and piano keys rooted with a nostalgic perfume like Autumn leaves. Speaking of the single, the band says:

“As a band, we call the song Shelby Park — “Shelby”. Perhaps we are on a first name basis with the song because of how close we have grown to it; Shelby’s a big part of our lives now. But this wasn’t always the case. Shelby Park didn’t have it’s identity until it was done. It was only until after the song was complete that it really grew on all of us. With Shelby, we got to put on a lot of different hats and play something vaguely aggressive. There’s some focus on aging, and losing identities, but it’s not an overly serious song – there are blue hearts, and Martians moons, and dropped phone calls, and leaving Shelby. It’s a childish piece a lot of ways; in some ways, we were sort of pretending to be 16 year-olds in a rock band from 1993.

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