Ronin Makes Magic With "Love & Blessings"

Ronin Makes Magic With “Love & Blessings”

Sometimes you come across an artist you haven’t heard before and they blow your mind. In cases like Ronin, you wonder how you haven’t heard them yet and why your music scouring has failed you.

In the last month, the Brooklyn based producer dropped two songs with singer/rapper Deverano, one of which is Love & Blessings. What starts as a chilled out hip hop beat with smooth percussion work flips into something entirely different. With a buttery transition, Ronin grasps your soul and guides it into another world. Every time I hear the switch up crescendo and that bass kicks, I lose my goddamn mind and lunge into deep paralysis while the serotonin takes over. This is what Love & Blessings feels like. Hit repeat, hit it again, and just keep hitting it to experience the meaning of bliss.

Available as a free download, get it now.

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