The Holy Gasp Release Live Video For 27-Person A Daily Affirmation

The Holy Gasp Release Live Video For 27-Person “A Daily Affirmation”

Back in October, Toronto’s very own”damn-the-man beatnik revival conga revolution, a boxcar and a jug of wine, a groove, daddy, and the farthest thing from a king-sized bust” outfit The Holy Gasp played their new album in its entirety with a 27-person orchestra. They’ve since released a couple of videos of the performance including one for the previously featured “Simple Pleasures” and now one for A Daily Affirmation.

“The song is simply another daily affirmation,” notes The Holy Gasp. “It stands to reason that our follow-up record will have yet another daily affirmation. The confusion around which song title belongs to which song is deliberate, to suggest that one must affirm their life daily.” 

Watch the videos below and then stick it to your bathroom mirror, stick it to your tiny dick, stick it to your fatass tits.

Released September 7, 2018, The Holy Gasp’s “The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex” LP is the story of a troubled marriage further burdened by the death of the husband’s father, and further burdened still by the death of his therapist. Listen to it on Bandcamp or Spotify.