A-Cross Tells A Vivid Story With "Ghetto Economics"

A-Cross Tells A Vivid Story With “Ghetto Economics”

Returning from a nine month hiatus, A-Cross drops a new cut titled, Ghetto Economics. Fueling his rhymes with a perspective born from his adversity on the streets of Chicago, this storyteller paints a vivid picture of the struggles of living in the ghetto. From the corner kids and swindlers and the fienders and ex cons, to the gold diggers, half way homes and teen pregnancies, and the kids messing up their future prospects to escape, A-Cross lays it all down with an unmistakable delivery. Sense of Humor’s production work is light and buttery and cuts to a sort of uplifting outro, as if to say anything is possible and the light to freedom and the succulent glory of man awaits you beyond these dilapidated streets.

Spin Ghetto Economics right now.