Killer Bee Drops Fresh Debut LP alone_

Killer Bee Drops Fresh Debut LP “alone_”

The fear of not getting a good job after school. The fear of failing our parents. The fear of dying alone. The fear of never having been loved and loving back. These have been or still are things we all fear, myself included. 22 year old Killer Bee is on a mission to connect to listeners through these fears with music like his stellar alone_ project.

A culmination of 7 months of work and four years of loneliness following a breakup, alone_ was made in full in Killer Bee’s dormroom. The end result is a special piece of work drawing inspiration from nujabes, anime, 90’s R&B, and more with a plethora of wild cuts from all over the place. Through 18 tracks, there’s never a lull or a moment of filler – just a cohesive body of raw emotion made with determination, love, and passion.

There are no standards I have to live up to except for the ones that I create for myself.

Instead of giving everything away, put on your headphones and listen to alone_ while you read the accompanying letter from Killer Bee, along with liner notes for each track. This should give you some extra insight into his thought process and get you further into this beautiful mind.

A free download is also available, or a limited edition cassette bundle. Details are at bandcamp.

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