Matthew Im Releases Debut EP, "Munchies"

Matthew Im Releases Debut EP, “Munchies”

Last year, the mysterious producer named Snare Jordan emerged with his lofi hip hop cuts like Just Because (U Luv) and the pleasant Coldplay sampled, Shine For U. From there, he released sublime originals like the stripped down Honey Moon Blues and our featured Last Night with Dialate. Now going by his real name, Matthew Im has continued to release buttery goods and through local label/collective Exhume, we now have his debut EP, Munchies.

Following a delicious Cheech and Chong intro is a collection of leftover tracks, filled with Im’s familiar low key 90’s hip hop and jazz samples. Made during the late hours of the night, Munchies is a quick compilation of smooth head nodding tunes – perfect for those midnight walks around your hood.

Hit Matthew Im’s soundcloud and be sure to follow the man to keep tabs on future delights.

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