Watch: OCEAN Returns with "Lethe"

Watch: OCEAN Returns with “Lethe”

Seeking solace in music at a young age, Ottawa based OCEAN struggled with his inner demons and perpetually caved to the chaos he was all too familiar with. Now two years after his first single, he returns with the heavy Lethe off his forthcoming album, Holy Water; a project that will chronicle a painful and lonely journey and the eventual rebirth and conquest as an artist. With help from executive producers Chanks Daddy, Prduct, and Day Archer, “Holy Water is a collaboration that conjures up the journey taken by the darkest parts of the human psyche,” OCEAN explained to us, “these charged thoughts lyric a battle through my inner demons and deeper sexual fantasies. Paying homage to the poetry of Aleister Crowley and bathing in a baptism of sound orchestrated to exorcise a troubled past.”

OCEAN invites us to listen to the music of a brighter future with open eyes. Join him on April 30 for some Holy Water.