Watch: Ari Shares First Single "Pretty Little Villains"

Watch: Ari Shares First Single “Pretty Little Villains”

ARI is a new Toronto based singer that has unveiled her first single and accompanying video for Pretty Little Villains. Inspired by a heinous incident near her home involving the kidnapping of a young girl, ARI channeled her anger towards douchebag assholes. Here’s what she had to say about the single:

“I read about a human trafficking incident that made me very sick to my stomach. A few blocks away from where I live a 14-year girl old was held against her will in a hotel room for a week. It really disturbed me and in turn I began writing about how angry it made me feel and how destroyed this young girl and her family must be. There are things about the world that I wish I could change, just like many other people. At the very least I can write a song to call out the villains and help empower women and men of all ages to stand up for themselves and be strong no matter what challenges they face. For me, this song is a power anthem to fight against the bad guys and stand up for the preyed on. It goes to people who’ve experienced rejection or hate in any form – from being stood up on a date, to being fired without a good reason, being touched inappropriately at a club all the way to being abused. Everyone has felt this type of pain whether it is in a minimal or extreme sense.”

ARI’s debut ep, Tunnel Vision, is expected for a June 3 release and includes a collections of hopeful and positive messages next to Pretty Little Villains. Watch the video below and expect ARI to make some waves this year and beyond.