Brooker Releases Stunning Debut Secret

Brooker Releases Stunning Debut “Secret”

I’ve probably stated it before, but the last few months have been incredible with its abundance of irresistible soul which has been featured here. Today, I bring you the debut single by the London based English/Venezuelan singer, Brooker, titled Secret.

I’m up here with my heart and my mind/ Feels like I’m stuck here, freefalling through time/ And nowhere to go

In her search for the secret to life and love and all the complexities behind them, Secret is a stunning debut with a minimal soundscape. Over a simple piano, strings, and a subtle bass, Brooker’s divine vocals will melt you in a sultry cascade of honey. Powerful yet restrained in her delivery, Brooker’s tenderness is inescapable and commands you to listen. Debuts like this are rare, and if there’s a heaven above heaven, this is it.