Burma Releases Intoxicating Jangle-Pop Single You & I

Burma Releases Intoxicating Jangle-Pop Single “You & I”

Burma is a new five-piece from St. Albans, United Kingdom that formed in 2016 and has spent the past year working on their debut EP with composer/producer James Ratcliffe. The first single from the self-titled project is You & I.

Taking their inspiration from the jangled guitars of the 80’s, You & I mixes a prism of psychedelic colours that leaves you intoxicated on a lustrous cloud of dream-pop. With their playful notes, the guitars will make you swoon while Matt Taylor’s vocals hover and glide through this realm of atypical textures and an exultant melody, singing, “You go enticing the excitement I needed/ Moulding the flesh to the walls/ In a building I can breathe in.”

Tomorrow, February 24, Burma will release their EP, so hit that follow and don’t miss it after this stellar single.

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