Culver Releases Soulful Debut Single Away

Culver Releases Soulful Debut Single “Away”

Culver is the new project from this LA based, St. Lousis native and he’s ready to take on the music world with his debut single titled Away.

What begins as a gentle downtempo pop single, Culver’s voice soars and soothes the agony in your soul. He pulls you into a painful period in his life with captivating lyrics of a familiar story; naivety of an unrequited love. Instead of ending on this pain, he comes to the realization that you must banish this person from your life and move on or the torment will run rampant. “Away tells the story of a relationship in which I had to let go of someone I loved deeply in order to take back control of my own life.” Says Culver, “telling this story was painful but some pain demands to be felt, and the more we try to ignore it the more it plants itself in our way.”

Spin Away right here.