David Harks Teases Debut LP With Transcendent “Avalon”

Over the past couple of years, singer David Harks has released music with his band Safetalk as well as some solo singles. For the last few months, the Berlin-based artist has been working on his debut solo album and Avalon is the first taste.

Recorded with Teleman’s bassist Pete Cattermoul, Avalon is soft and psychedelic synth-pop that gleams with visions of an attainable and eternal earth. Away from the lifeless mass that are always clutching and grasping, bellowing like crazed beasts. Harks doesn’t belong to this squealing machinery of humanity. “‘Avalon’ came to me in a dream,” explains Harks. “One minute I felt like a sponge in space bundled in warmth, the next I leaned out of the space ship and saw it all hurtling toward me on earth… Materialism, possession, an unstoppable wheel both ridged and exhausting… I wanted to counter this dream and turn back, head up out again and leave it all behind… And return to my spiritual home.”

A swooning bass thuds with illuminated synths that penetrate the darkest recess of hearts and swims in the universe with the light of your smile. Avalon blossoms like a transcendent rose.

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