Elley Duhé Strips Down The Thunderous Fly

Elley Duhé Strips Down The Thunderous “Fly”

Following a string of singles like the successful “Immortal” and subsequently released stripped down versions, rising singer-songwriter Elley Duhé just released the stripped down version of Fly.

Where the original featured heavy bass and dancing snares, the stripped down version is smooth with an emphatic guitar and sparse percussion. Back to front, though, it’s Duhé’s powerful and dynamic vocals that soar and pierce the space with a howl of blazing freedom. Watch her youtube only video and look for her debut EP, due sometime this year.

Growing up in the small coastal town of Dauphin Island, Alabama, Elley Duhé always felt she was different from other kids her age. This pushed her towards the comfort of music and inspired a life-long passion for singing and songwriting. At the age of 14,  Duhé wrote her first song with a guitar she received as a gift from her father. She would gather with her family and have jam sessions with her dad and uncles, finding inspiration to create music from the deep southern art, food, and culture that surrounded her. Throughout her later teenage years, she began playing for live audiences and travelled extensively throughout Nashville, Austin, and L.A. to perfect her songwriting skills.

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