Jake McMullen Shares Retro Bedroom-Pop Single "Falling"

Jake McMullen Shares Retro Bedroom-Pop Single “Falling”

Originally from Los Angeles, Jake McMullen moved to Nashville two years ago where he would continue working on his debut folk-laden project, Always. This move would prove to have the opposite effect on McMullen as he began experimenting with a mix of electronic and authentic instrumentation, creating something completely different from what he expected and helped him avoid becoming just another folk artist. His latest such offer with his newfound vision is Falling.

Written by McMullen and produced by MYZICA ’s Micah Tawlks, Falling is a lo-fi retro number that conjures neon flashes behind a haze of 80’s inflected grooves. “See me harboring/ My one disguise/ Have I been destined to die in vain all this time?” Asks McMullen as he realizes that you can’t disguise how you feel, no matter how many walls you build or libations you thrust upon them, all with that rapturous baritone of his that will creep past your walls and captivate your soul.

Visit Jake McMullen’s soundcloud to hear more and look out for his forthcoming EP, Giving Up, due April 21.

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