Leon in the Wild Shares Sunny Debut Single Fade

Leon in the Wild Shares Sunny Debut Single “Fade”

Coming out of San Francisco is a new solo project by the multi-talented Leon under the moniker Leon in the Wild. Always in the background as the guitarist, producer/engineer, mixer, etc., Leon steps out front for the first time. “It’s really vulnerable to do something like this, but it’s also been so empowering and encouraging,” says Leon. “I’ve met so many amazing people through this process who have offered so much support and help. And as a solo project, I feel like I’m finally able to embrace the things that make me who I am and express that through my music. I’m just starting out, but I’m excited to continue to grow as a musician in this wild world and share more.”

His debut single Fade is a sunny dose of lo-fi bedroom pop that explores the idea of fading away with your lover. Dreamy and jangly, it drifts into the horizon with the languid setting sun. Fade away right here.

Leon in the Wild is targeting the release of his second song for later this summer.