Maccie Shares Confident Debut Single "High"

Maccie Shares Confident Debut Single “High”

From a young age, Maccie had a passion for music including singing and teaching herself to play piano by ear, all the while in foster care in Portland Ontario. She would later enroll in Ryerson University’s Recording Arts program and began performing around Toronto from small cafes to the Opera House.

Her debut single is High, a powerful anthem celebrating self discovery and gaining the confidence to rise above the negative and move forward. In an email, Maccie explained, “‘High’ is about being resilient. It is about seeing the truth behind the lies in order to survive. Above all ‘High’ is about acknowledging a negative situation or toxic relationship and deciding to emerge from it independent, happy, and ever more confident in yourself. ‘High’ is about self appreciation­­.”

Look out for Maccie’s forthcoming album titled Primal, which chronicles her rebirth as an artist, due out later this year.

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