Mined Apologizes With Gorgeous New "Mistakes"

Mined Apologizes With Gorgeous New “Mistakes”

Taken from Mined’s (Kofi Holmes Attivor) forthcoming EP, Loves Low’s, Mistakes is Minded’s second single and one that I listened to about a hundred times when it first hit my screen.

What began as a form of escapism in his room in London, has become a sublime few singles like Pangs and the aforementioned Mistakes, which was written as an apology. “The whole EP is about a relationship that has since broken down,” explained Attivor. “It’s the first song I wrote on the EP. I had the lyrics done in about 5 minutes, it’s about selfishly doing/saying things in the heat of the moment and describes a genuine series of events that I think a lot of people will be able to empathize with.” There’s a soft cascade of percussion, supple synths that freckle the picturesque soundscape and a glow that emanates a warmth with melancholic undertones. Like he’s writing in his journal, headphones in his ears, on the subway while reminiscing about that fatal day – each singular movement, each word carved with hate and spite in a regretful nebula that fogs the synapses with pastel coloured nostalgia.

Part mournful, part tranquil, Mined presents a special kind of vibrant and intimate sound that you cannot ignore.